The Eeyore psychic

There’s an Eeyore crystal ball in EYE FOR AN EYE (coming later this month), and I wanted to tell you the backstory, so I put it in an Author’s Note in the book. But it’s too much fun not to tell again, so here goes:
I based the Eeyore crystal ball in this book on a true story. I once tagged along with a girlfriend to her psychic. My friend claimed the psychic was brilliant and always got everything right—but only negative things. (me: ???)
When I met her, the psychic said, in a low and hopeless voice, “You need to pay in advance, because I only see bad things, and then nobody wants to pay me.”
I was a little taken aback by this, but I paid—why not? It was a lark!—and she read my future in my hand. This is what she said:
1. My boyfriend was cheating on me. (This clearly was wrong, because I was in a very happy relationship).
2. Someone at work I was very close to was about to be fired for wrongdoing. (This clearly was wrong because nobody I knew would commit any fire-able
So I smiled and said sure and wrote it off as twenty-five bucks for entertainment.
Then—I bet you can guess where this is going—within two weeks, I discovered my boyfriend had been cheating on me for weeks, and my best friend at work got fired for theft.
Yeah. The psychic—I called her the Eeyore psychic in my mind—was right! But I never went back to her. Who needs to know bad stuff in advance? LOL.
Alyssa Day

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