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  2. DayDreamers: My private fan group on Facebook. You want in on not only all the book news, but also to interact with me personally and fantastic (exclusive) giveaways and games only? This group of awesomeness is the place for you!
  3. Bookbub: You don’t have time to read a whole long newsletter with chatty stuff in it—you just want the facts.  Bookbub is the way to go! Click HERE and then click on “Follow” to sign up.
  4. Goodreads: Sends a monthly notice and highlights the authors you follow. Click on the GR icon above!
  5. Amazon: Sorta kinda sends notices about new releases, but only according to a secret process/time frame that you can only understand by reading Tarot cards, charting your sun sign, or dancing naked in the backyard while clutching your calendar.  My author page is HERE.
  6. Facebook: Well. Facebook tells me that I have, at any given time, 6 times the ‘followers’ than actual people who actually get my updates. I love to talk to you on Facebook! But don’t trust it for book release news; odds are you probably won’t see the post.  Click on the FB icon above!
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  8. Snail  mail: I don’t check it that often, so maybe email me a heads-up if you send something?

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9. OOH! And I’m starting TikTok! If you’re a booktokker, find me HERE! 

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