The poor rice cooker gave its life for my deadline…

ARGHHHH!!! Deadline brain strikes again!! We got this new rice cooker/ veggie & egg steamer thing that works great. I used it this morning to make eggs, since the first time worked great. This time, I smell plastic burning and open it to find the little egg tray is melted to the bottom and the water has run all over the counter! Tragedy! I’m going to complain the rice cooker is defective!
Navy Guy gets home, and I explain all this. He walks over to the sink and gets the bowl. You know, the rice bowl that goes INTO the rice cooker? The one I should have put the egg tray/eggs/water into?????
He says, “Honey?”
Yes. I melted the tray onto the actual heating element.
Navy Guy said, “That’s okay. Your brain is in Dead End.”
Sigh. He’s so right.

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