Happy Thanksgiving … from Dead End!!

A Dead End Thanksgiving Disaster (my gift to you: a short story that’s not so short, because of course it isn’t, have you MET me?) is LIVE! You can get yours HERE on Bookfunnel to download to your personal e-reading app.

It’s also on my website, for those who want to read it online, and you can find it at this secret link HERE!

AND it’s in the back of the paperback version of EYE FOR AN EYE, which is in proof stage and will be available practically any minute!!! (I’ll announce and give you the link the second I get it, I promise.)

I hope you love visiting the gang in Dead End for Thanksgiving, and I hope my story gives you a smile.

And if you haven’t started reading the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries, why not? Try the first one free (the book that reader 5 Star reviews said “made me fall out of bed laughing” and “made me almost pee a little.” You can get DEAD EYE links HERE (FREE for a limited time).


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