Happy release day to MEARA AND EDGE!!!

Happy release day to MEARA AND EDGE!!! Theirs is such a beautiful love story… It made me cry several times writing it…


(Evidently the print version will be available at Amazon at ANY MINUTE. Stay tuned! Thanks!)

“Do you still read a poem a day, Edge?” She touched his hair, his cheek, standing so close her breath mingled with his.

“I don’t—”

“Yes, you do,” she murmured, stepping closer until her body touched his. “You love your mother, and you read poetry, and you’re brilliant, and sometimes I think the gods put you here to mock me.”


But she shook her head, putting a finger on his lips. “No. I’ll explain . . . no, I probably won’t.

Just kiss me, Edge. Kiss me goodbye.”

She raised her beautiful face to his, sorrow brimming in her eyes. “Kiss me. Please.”

“Not goodbye,” he rasped. “Never goodbye.”

Tears shimmered in her eyes, but she just shook her head. “Then kiss me for Shakespeare and for sonnets and for mothers who love their sons. Kiss me for moonlight and magic and the exquisite pain of knowing when something is meant to be but never can.”

“I can’t,” he began, but the rock in his throat wouldn’t let him get the words out.

“Yes,” he said, instead. “Yes.”

And he kissed her. He pulled her to him, so gently, so carefully, as if he held starlight in his arms. Fragile and precious and brilliant; her cold fire shattering his defenses. The heat of her burning through his resolve.

He kissed her as if she were ambrosia and he a supplicant to the gods she’d mentioned. As if she were the very oxygen he needed to breathe.

She put her hands on the sides of his face and returned his kiss with passion and fervor, but he didn’t realize until he tasted salt that she also gave him her tears.

He raised his head, still holding her, the pain of her tears shredding his soul. “Why? Why are you crying? Don’t you understand that I would give you the world, Meara Delacourt?”

She drew in a deep, hitching breath. “I know you would. And then I would destroy it, like the monster I am. I can’t, Edge. I can’t do this.”

Before he could reply or even try to stop her, she was gone, leaving him standing in the middle of a ballroom turned war room, alone with the shards of his heart.

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