Are you sitting down? Ready to be shocked?

IT’S HEEEEEERE!!!   A DEAD END CHRISTMAS is finally here!!!

It’s uploaded.

It’s at the vendors.

The final version.

The book that nearly drove me into the rubber room.

It’s the longest book in the series by FAR – almost 80000 words.
AND I LOVE IT.  I hope you love it too.  Please read the dedication — this one is for you. My readers who were so kind to me through pandemic and family issues and illnesses and depression crises.

I appreciate you more than you will ever know for your kindness and patience. Happy reading!!

It’s Christmas time in Dead End, and a rash of crimes is making residents nervous. Plus, the giant UltraShopMart that wants to move to town is pitting Dead Ender against Dead Ender. 

Who’s breaking into homes and businesses? Why does the new veterinary clinic keep getting vandalized? Who’s dumping cats and dogs on the road across from the pawnshop?

And why in the world is there a reindeer on the roof??

It’s Christmas in Dead End — and Jack and Tess are on the case. Because they’re not going to let ANYBODY ruin their first Christmas together … and sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.


A wild-eyed elf ran into my pawnshop, threw a bag of donuts at me, and started shouting:

“Tess! Santa Claus is in a fistfight at Mellie’s Bakery!”

Nobody can say we don’t have Christmas spirit in Dead End.

A DEAD END CHRISTMAS  – coming to Apple, Kobo, and Nook TOMORROW!! (I hear Amazon Kindle put it up a day early, so it’s here now if you’re Kindle readers. (Print will be a week or two, as usual, but it’s coming.)




  1. Alice R. on January 30, 2023 at 2:01 pm

    YIPPEE!!! i GOT IT! Atta girl, now just take it easy this time on the rest of your writing. Don’t push it too hard. Your health is more important along with your family. Now, I need to finish the book I’m in the middle of that I can’t put down. Your book is definitely next. Have a good one.

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