A Dead End Christmas

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Release Date: 1/31/23
Pages: 300




Nook bestseller! Kindle #1, #2, #3 in three categories! Thank you so much!!

It's Christmas time in Dead End.

And this year Santa's bringing … murder!

It's Christmas time in Dead End, and a rash of crimes is making residents nervous. And the giant UltraShopMart that wants to move to town is pitting Dead Ender against Dead Ender. 

Who's breaking into homes and businesses? Why does the new veterinary clinic keep getting vandalized? Who's dumping cats and dogs on the road across from the pawnshop?

And why in the world is there a reindeer on the roof??

It's Christmas in Dead End -- and Jack and Tess are on the case. Because they're not going to let ANYBODY ruin their first Christmas together ... and sometimes it takes a tiger's eye to see the truth.

Early reviews are making me jump and down with joy!!

A DEAD END CHRISTMAS  is out in the world today, and early reviews are making me deliriously happy (and making me laugh out loud, which seems fitting).

Need some help for an aching tooth?

"Thank you, Alyssa. Yesterday I received my copy of DEAD END CHRISTMAS and finished it before bedtime. The timing was perfect for me because I just had dental surgery, implants, and am not feeling well. The book was great and acted as a pain reliever. It made my day enjoyable."


Or how about a treat for yourself?

"For me, this book is better than a long bath in an empty house with chocolates on hand."

Warning: This book contains a taxidermied alligator, shapeshifters, Santa, elves, a dead body, magic, hideously bad singing, horrible puns, a slow-burning romance, mystery, mayhem, and "I laughed so hard I almost peed myself"* humor.

Read at your own risk.


*From a reader review of the Tiger's Eye Mysteries