How is it Thanksgiving next week????

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is six days away. It’s surely two weeks or more away, right?


Damn Covid. I’ve lost almost a month to this crap. Although I realize how very lucky I am that it’s not worse, it’s still hard to cope with the persistent cough, nose blowing, weakness, exhaustion, and brain fog. I’m behind on everything. 🙁

In happier news, this week we gave Rescue Dog Penny a giant Milkbone to celebrate her ninth birthday! Nine years ago this week this puppy was born. I adopted her when she was a 12-week-old, emaciated, terrified puppy from the Animal Care & Protective Services shelter. She has brought so much love and joy (and craziness, let’s admit it, she’s part Lab lol) to our lives. Happy birthday to Penny the Rescue Pup!  And thanks to the Jacksonville Animal Control for all the hard work they do on behalf of these lost and abandoned pets.

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