HUNTERS’ HOPE is here!!!!! Happy release day to me!!!

So the turkey leftovers are gone, and the pie is gone, and you’re looking around for something to do . . . and do I have a great idea for you!! It’s time to go back to the world of the Vampire Motorcycle Club and meet Alice, the beautiful animal rescuer with the dark past. When she encounters sexy Hunter, newly turned vampire who is at the mercy of his suddenly dark and dangerous desires, sparks fly! (And did I mention the dragon??)

Reviewers are going gaga for the series one called “Like Vampire Diaries for adults!”

Meet Alice and Hunter today! At all ebook vendors and in print at your local WalMart, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Also now available in audio!

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“Full of paranormal beings, humor, and a love for animals.”’ -Kay Daniel’s Romance

“I absolutely loved Charlie, and the Pirate!” -Romantic Daily News

“Welp. I think I’ve found a new favourite author. This was a great read, I loved the characters and their interactions” -Jake The Book Dragon

“Vampires, ghost whisperer, and wolf shifters what more do you need? I loved this story it had humor and sexiness.” -Whispers From The Mountain

“This book had me laughing and sighing at turns and left me with a smile.” -My Humble Opinion

“Exciting and enjoyable!” -A Midlife Wife

“Another great book by Alyssa Day.” -Mina Reads

“This book gives you all the feels, and you will love the characters so much, you won’t want it to end!” -In Our Opinion

“This was a highly engaging and captivating paranormal romance, and I loved all the side characters in addition to the two main characters.” -One Mused

“Hunter’s Hope is a brilliantly superb addition to this fabulous series! It brings much more depth and ethereal beauty to this already incredible storyline. Within these pages, you will fall prey to a love so honest and pure that it will bring you to tears.” -Amber Reads

Who WOULDN’T want to meet a hot vampire? EXCERPT:

He forced himself to breathe deeply, pushing calm and restraint into his senses.

Wondering when and why the Turn had changed him so completely from Mr. Nice Guy,
Mr. Friend Zone, to this savage beast who wanted to claim.

To possess.

Luke had warned him that vampires were at the mercy of strong territorial urges, but Hunter had thought he meant about actual territory. About places or even things.

Not about people.

But ever since he’d run into Alice and that foolish raccoon, he’d wanted to stake his claim on this woman. This beautiful, courageous, amazing woman. She’d taken him in as if he were one of her strays in need of rescue, which, in many ways, he kind of was.

And she’d kissed him.

She’d kissed him after telling him that she’d never been kissed before.

The gift—of her trust, her kiss—humbled him.

The feel of her body against him had excited him.

Aroused him.

Right now, he had to fight every feral instinct in his new vampire body to keep from tearing off his clothes and climbing into that bed with her. Gently removing her clothes.

Maybe with his teeth.

Touching and kissing and licking every inch of her gorgeous body.

But it was too soon. It was stalker-ish, even.

It was…

It was…exactly what he needed more than he’d ever needed anything in his life.

As if he’d spoken his thoughts out loud, Alice opened her eyes, coming completely awake in an instant.


He nodded, almost unable to speak for fear of shouting out the words that would convey how much he wanted her. Needed her.

“I was dreaming of you,” she whispered, staring up at him with those deep, drowning emerald eyes that entranced him almost as surely as if she’d been a vampire compelling him to her will.

In the fraction of a second between one heartbeat and the next, he pulled her up off the bed and into his arms, barely even noticing her state of undress before his mouth was on hers.




She was his.

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