Tricks AND Treats!! It’s A DEAD END HALLOWEEN!!

A small-town mystery with laughter, kissing, mayhem, and magic

When Halloween comes to the quirkiest small town in Florida, tricks overwhelm treats by a huge margin. When tiger shapeshifter and private investigator Jack Shepherd and pawnshop owner Tess Callahan turn their special talents to solving the biggest mystery to hit Dead End in years, the criminals need to watch out.

Because life in Dead End can be as dangerous as it is funny, and sometimes it takes a Tiger’s Eye to see the truth.


Hey, y’all: a note about pricing. Over the years, I’ve been careful to keep the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries prices at the same low, low rate, even though when I was publishing with New York, my eBooks sold for $8.99. But the reality is: all my vendors’ prices have gone up. From formatting to cover artists, everybody is keeping up with inflation but me.

So, not with MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, but with the book after, A DEAD END HALLOWEEN, my eBook price is going up to 6.99. I know it’s only an extra dollar two or three times a year, but I thought long and hard about doing it. Ultimately, I had to make the best decision for my family. Thanks so much for understanding!

And, for some fun news, here is the awesome cover!

(Also fun: A DEAD END HALLOWEEN is coming out on Halloween, and it’s the 13th book in the series! Ooh! Spooky!)

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