The “funniest family on paper” is back! And yet I almost forgot about release day for JAKE’S DJINN, because we added a new member to the family this weekend, and I’m sleep deprived and madly in love. 
Meet Rosie, the 8-week old pug puppy! As you can tell, it was love at first snuggle for me. 
Anyway, please pop on over and pick up Jake and find out about his SECOND encounter with a genie and how that turned out . . . It’s a short story, just perfect for reading at lunch or, for example, in between times you have to take a brand-new baby puppy out for a potty break. (EXCERPT BELOW!)
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Happy Reading!
PS This short story was originally published in the Romance Writers of America anthology SECOND CHANCES, so if you have that, you have this. No need to buy it again, unless you just want the pretty pretty new cover. 🙂
EXCERPT, JAKE’S DJINN, a short story from the Cardinal Witches
“Three wishes, huh? What did I wish for last time?”
“A giant tattoo of a pinup girl that covered your entire back,” she told him, rolling her eyes.
He laughed. “Well, I know I don’t have that, so what happened?”
“Your second wish.”
This time he laughed out loud, and his laugh was deep and rich and delicious, just as she’d remembered it so many times, alone in her solitude. She suddenly wanted to curl up in his lap and bite his neck.
Oops. No biting the humans. It was one of her cardinal (ha! See how she did that?) rules.
He stretched and, truly, his body was a work of art. She suddenly wished she were a sculptor instead of a Djinn.
“What about the third?”
Donya shook off her wistful, lustful thoughts, drained her mug, and flicked the cup into the air to send it floating to the kitchen sink. “A bottle of whiskey. How can you not remember any of this, when you remember me, and that I called myself Ruby?”
His smile faded, and his eyes darkened to a gleam of emerald fire. “Because all I remember is you,” he said roughly. “I’ve been remembering you and nothing but you for two years, five months, and three weeks. I remember your laugh, and how beautiful you are, and that you smell like jasmine. I remember your intelligence, and your stories about ancient cities. I remember that you fell asleep next to me and didn’t wake up when I wrapped my arms around you. I remember that I woke up wishing you were there with me in my bed.”
She caught her breath. “I–“
He put his mug down and stood. “Remembering anything as insignificant as wishes didn’t matter to me one damn bit.”

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