And then they ate him…

ACIMH*, the car trip back to college edition:
Me: What are you studying?
College Princess: French. I have a quiz today.
Me: Want me to help?
Her: No. You’re all Miss Perfect Pronunciation. It’s annoying.
Me: Want me to teach you how to sing the French National Anthem in French?
Her: It’s all about bloody dying and let’s sing about decapitated heads. The French are dramatic. So, no.
Me: Well, to be fair, most national anthems are about blood and dying and patriotism…
Her: Did you know what happened to a prime minister in Holland?
Me: The people beat him to death with their wooden shoes?
Her: No. They killed him and ate him.
Me: *snorts hot tea out my nose*
Her: I’m not kidding.
Me: And you thought the FRENCH were dramatic.
*ACIMH=Actual Conversation In My House

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