Private Eye

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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 04-19-2016
Pages: 105


When Tess Callahan, new owner of Dead End Pawn, meets her grandmother the banshee, life is about to get complicated. When Tess’s partner Jack Shepherd, tiger shapeshifter and P.I., gets involved to help them investigate a banshee-kidnapping spree, life is about to get deadly. Because nothing is ever simple in Dead End, Florida, and sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.

The tiny bell over the door jingled and Jack walked in, carrying a bakery bag that normally would have had me drooling in anticipation of hot, sugary goodness. But right then I wasn’t in the mood.

“Jack, this isn’t a good time. I have a problem I need to deal with.”

His eyes narrowed, and he gave Leona an unfriendly look, which made her take a quick step back.

Nobody can give unfriendly looks like a tiger.

“Do I need to kill somebody for you?”

I smiled in spite of the situation, because he was totally serious. It’s nice to know that somebody’s got your back. Especially when that somebody is an unbelievably hot, six-foot, four-inch, bronze-haired, green-eyed hunk of deadly shapeshifter.


REAL reviews from REAL readers warn you to BEWARE:

5 STARS: “I laughed so hard my husband put the show he was watching on pause and wanted me to read him the passage I was reading.”

Praise for the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries:

“First in a new series, it has wonderful characters, Day’s trademark wisecracky irreverent humor, and plenty of paranormal action. Quick, fun read. Looking forward to the next one.”
—Alpha Heroes

“Dead Eye is a magnetic mix of urban fantasy, paranormal, thriller and mystery. It’s part gritty, part grisly, part witty and entirely entertaining. Weird and complex characters, an unconventional setting, a smart and unpredictable plot add to Day’s energetic and playful voice. This story kills it. Next up in the series is Private Eye, available in February. No reader I know will be able to resist this follow-up featuring the new owner of Dead End Pawn and her grandmother the banshee. When Dead End is hit with a banshee kidnapping spree, Tess’ partner Jack gets his first case as a P.I. How fabulously offbeat!”
—Kathy Altman for USA Today

5 Stars: I laughed so hard I almost peed a little. (Amazon reviewer)

5 Stars: I fell out of bed laughing… (Amazon reviewer)

5 STARS: Fans of Charlaine Harris and Janet Evanovich will enjoy Dead Eye. Alyssa Day has done it again! She’s written a story that’s so much fun to read that you don’t want to put it down. (Reader review)

5 STARS: Ms. Day’s books are so full of fun, great writing, and wonderful plots, I have a hard time putting them down. If you are in the mood for a great, fun mystery, look no further than this book/novella. You don’t need to have read the first one to enjoy this one, although I do recommend reading from the beginning. And, I do recommend all of her books. Try this one today! (Reader review)

5 STARS: A light, humorous mystery. It read well, evoked laughs and drew you in so that you couldn’t put it down. The author, Alyssa Day, never fails to mesmerize the reader. Her characters’ thoughts, actions and words draw you in to such that it’s like talking or listening to your best friends. (Reader review)


The banshee in my pawn shop told me she was my grandmother.

Oddly enough, this was not the weirdest thing I’d ever heard in my years as manager (and now owner) of Dead End Pawn—or even the weirdest thing I’d heard this week.

I pointed to the sign behind the counter that my late boss had installed probably a quarter of a century before:


“If you’re going for a discount, sorry. Nice try, though. And Fluffy isn’t for sale.”

Fluffy was our shop mascot and, yes, that was a very long story. She was a taxidermied alligator with a penchant for sequined scarves, and my newly adopted sister Shelley had done a good job camouflaging and decorating the bullet hole in Fluffy’s tail with designer duct tape. (I’d only had silver. I was hopelessly uncool at an ancient twenty-six to Shelley’s nine, as she delighted in telling me.) The woman had been eyeing Fluffy just before hitting me with the grandmother news.

“I beg your pardon, Tess Callahan, but you don’t seem to understand me. I’m Leona Carstairs, your mother Kate’s mother. I’m so pleased to see you again!”

Then she rushed around the counter and tried to hug me.

There were three problems with this: 1) I’m not a hugger, because I don’t touch strangers, 2) I don’t have any living grandparents, and—see above—3) banshee.