Eye of the Storm

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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 09-27-2019
Pages: 113


A monster hurricane, a dangerous thief, and a rogue vampire are all trying their darndest to smash Dead End, Florida into pieces — and then another dead body shows up.

When the senior ladies brigade — Lorraine, Eleanor, and Ruby — get in on the case, things go entirely sideways!

What are a pawn shop owner and tiger shifter PI to do?

With Hurricane Elvis — the “storm of the century” – bearing down on Dead End, Florida, Tess, Jack, and the gang have their hands full doing storm prep for themselves and the quirky paranormal residents of the town. They certainly don’t have time for the discovery of yet another dead body. But in Dead End, you never know when magic, mayhem, and murder will combine to cause as much chaos as a rogue vampire let loose in a blood bank.

And when Tess, a pawn shop owner who can see how you’ll die, and Jack, a tiger shifter and ex-soldier turned private eye, team up to solve another murder, the criminals had better watch out. Because a hurricane is no match for Hurricane Tess, and sometimes it takes a tiger’s eye to see the truth.

Warning: This book contains a taxidermied alligator, shapeshifters, the mob, lucky lasagna, a hurricane, a dead body, magic, Elvis song titles, hideously bad singing, horrible puns, a slow-burning romance, mystery, mayhem, and “I laughed so hard I almost peed myself”* humor.

Read at your own risk.

*From a reader review of the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries