A RARE sale

Rare sale!!

SHIFTER, an anthology containing my Warriors of Poseidon novella, Shifter’s Lady, is on sale (it’s NEVER on sale) for the next few days!

You’ll get my unbearably romantic novella about Marie, a healer and also a warrior’s sister, and the panther shifter who claimed her for his fated mate.

You’ll also get novellas from my friends and talented authors Virginia Kantra, Lora Leigh, and Angela Knight.

Get it now, while it’s only $1.99 – trust me, the publisher never puts this one on sale. 😊

Go to THIS PAGE and click on “Get Deal” – the red button on the right — and it will take you to all the retailers.

Marie, healer and the First Maiden of the Nereids, is traveling to visit her brother. Their reunion is short lived, however, when Marie’s brother is asked by the Atlantean god’s high priest to help with the search for Justice. Marie isn’t ready to leave, though—the panther shifter alpha has intrigued her in ways she doesn’t understand.

Ethan’s possessive nature drives him to ferocity when he finds panthers from his pride murdered. Caught in a desperate search for the culprit, the alpha has no time for the beautiful healer from Atlantis . . . or so he tries to tell himself. Ultimately tested by evil acts and betrayal, Ethan knows one thing above all—Marie is his. And what is his, he keeps.

Happy reading!



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