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Happy April! Ready for a spring gift? Oh, what the heck. Let’s give you TWO gifts!


“Tortured, sexy and dangerous as all get out, this is one warrior it wouldn’t be wise to cross and a man who defines devotion . . . Day has a real talent for creative storytelling, crafting characters who are unique in their own right and claim your allegiance as easily as Poseidon claimed theirs.”
–Romance Reviews Today

Ah, how I love a hot, swoon-worthy tortured hero. And you’ll find one of my all-time favorites in ATLANTIS REDEEMED!

Poseidon’s warrior Brennan was cursed hundreds of years ago to live life with no emotion. But meeting a woman destined to become his forever love shatters the curse — and almost shatters his mind.

Attraction turns deadly when the woman he could never forget becomes the woman he can never remember.

Want to try my Warriors of Poseidon series for no cost to you? Your luck is in! The whole series is in Kindle Unlimited now, and book 5, ATLANTIS REDEEMED, (each book is a standalone, but you’ll have so much fun you’ll want to binge the whole series!!) is FREE! But only through April 5th–GET IT HERE!

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** Please note that my paranormal romance novels are hot and spicy, with save-the-world violence, on-page sex, and harsh-when-appropriate language. FYI, if that’s not your jam.

Thanks for reading, and Welcome to Atlantis!!

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