A lovely trip with an unlovely souvenir

Navy Guy and I took our first mini-vacation alone – just the two of us – in years. Asheville is unbelievably beautiful in the fall, and we went to the Biltmore, which is absolutely gorgeous! Stayed in this mountain cabin that was straight up a gravel driveway and my little car did NOT like it!!  (Yes, Navy Guy told me we should take the truck. Did I listen? No, I did not. Gentle Reader, he was right.)

Unfortunately … we had to come home a day early because I got sick. Really, miserably sick. And it’s COVID.

Because of course. Avoided it for this whole time, but one trip out of town and BOOM.

This is my first time out of bed since Sunday. 🙁

And, honestly, I just give up at this point. I’m moving A DEAD END CHRISTMAS to December 25th because why not? If I joke about a meteor, one will probably hit me. This book has had so many delays because of depression and illnesses and family emergencies and broken fingers that it feels like it has bad juju. I may toss the whole thing and start fresh.

I’ll also have the team put the link up on Kindle for you so look for that if you’re an Amazon purchaser. It won’t be in KU for a month or so after release. Paperback coming close or shortly after ebook release.

And I’m thinking about a short story about the Thanksgiving disaster, which I may write if I’m ever well again.

Please be well and send healing vibes this way. I could really, really use them. Coughing my lungs up all night is not much fun.

Thank you for your kindness and patience.

Non-contagious, socially distanced hugs,

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