At least my hand’s not broken!!

Newsletter went out. If you don’t get it:

Hey, my hand isn’t broken! This is great, because I needed an x-ray after I dislocated my finger so badly it stuck out at a 90 degree angle. OUCH.

And I’m so sorry but because of this unscheduled awfulness, for the 7000th time, I’m taking a little more time on A DEAD END CHRISTMAS. I swear, this is the book that’s making me consider giving up writing altogether and moving to Alaska to do something easier, like wrangling grizzly bears!

(Did I mention I’m in the path of Hurricane Ian? Grizzlies. Seriously, grizzlies.)

In the meantime, here’s a little treat: If you’re on Amazon, you can get EYE OF DANGER free WITHOUT a Kindle Unlimited subscription, this week only. Go Here!…/dp/B07QB3XHJ3/

And of course the entire Tiger’s Eye series is available to those of you with a KU subscription for at least the next 60 days! See a little bit about EYE OF DANGER below.

Remember! You can read Kindle books without a Kindle — all you need is a phone or tablet or computer and the Kindle app.

Happy September! More news coming soon! Thanks for reading! Thanks for being awesome!



PS Scroll all the way down to see my poor hand. It really, REALLY hurt all week. I tried to write (dictate) that first day, on pain pills, but we can all be happy that those pages will never, ever see the light of day.



He’s a PI who turns into a tiger. She can see how you’ll die. Can even the Irish mob and rogue vampires stand a chance?

When Tess Callahan’s long-lost and presumed-dead father comes back to town, running from the mob, she’s not sure how to feel. But when she finds out the bad guys are really after her, to use her “gift” as a weapon, she knows exactly who to turn to.

When Jack Shepherd must confront mob bigwigs, a rogue vampire, and Tess’s dad all in the same day, he realizes that small towns can be every bit as deadly as the rebellion he led when he was a soldier.

Tess is in trouble… … and there’s no way Jack will let anything happen to her—they haven’t even gone on their first date!

Welcome to Dead End, Florida, where the pawnshop never, ever deals in vampire teeth. And welcome to the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries! Get it Here!

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