Halloween pug and some news…

Some news:

This year and a half has been hard. Hard on me, hard on all of us, hard on the world. What I’ve finally come to understand is that my creative well needs refilling. That sucker is bone dry. ☹ Here are a few things:

1. As you may have noticed, the past couple of Atlantis books have been short stories—I just haven’t had the stories inside me to do more. And the more I fight with June in Atlantis, the more I’m realizing that I don’t have the story that Rafe deserves ready just yet, either.

So, I’m giving myself some grace. A hiatus. I’ve written something like 20 stories in the world of Atlantis—mostly novels, some novellas, a few short stories. That’s a LOT for a single universe. Heck, it’s more than most writers write in a lifetime! And—for now—I need to take a break. I fully plan to come back to Atlantis, but for now I’m giving myself a one-year hiatus from publishing any new books in the universe of Poseidon and his warriors. I need time to think and dream and recharge. Thank you so much for your kindness in understanding this (and if you are angry, I understand, but please yell at your screen, don’t post angry things here. I need a break from outrage culture, too, so I’m going on hiatus on Twitter and giving myself a break from watching the news and politics, too).

Logistics: I had to take June off sale at Amazon; they don’t allow long date moves. But I just pushed the books (June and July) to 10/23/22 at other vendors (a random date while I figure things out), because it’s easier than unpublishing/republishing. You should hear from the vendors accordingly.

2. Tiger’s Eye: writing these books is still a fun and happy place for me. I’m just moving slower. So I’ve delayed Eagle Eye so I can play with it a bit before giving it to you. A Dead End Christmas is still on schedule.

3. Vampire Motorcycle Club: The next book is coming out 11/30. I have print books in my hot little hands!! And Walmart made a huge order, so if you pick it up there, it’s going to help me get future books in the stores. (I appreciate all sales in all formats, always, of course.)

Finally: thank you.

Thank you for hanging in there with me. For sharing my stories and your time and lives with me. For being so kind and funny and interesting. For your almost unlimited patience with a sometimes-broken but often-hopeful author. You mean the world to me.

With sincere gratitude,


  1. Nidia on October 25, 2021 at 11:38 am

    Love your stories and as a fan understand after this past 18+ months you need a break. Take time to recharge and know that our true fans will be waiting for return.

    • Alyssa Day on October 25, 2021 at 1:44 pm

      thanks so much! It has been a rough time. I’m looking forward to some time to refill the well.

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