Valentine’s Day in Atlantis – My gift to you!

As a thank you gift for hanging in there while depression and COVID scares have destroyed my release schedule, I’m giving you VALENTINE’S DAY IN ATLANTIS – a lovely short story in the Atlantis universe – free for a limited time!! I know it’s a bit past the actual Valentine’s Day, but this is such a lovely story filled with love, my wedding anniversary felt like a great time to gift it to you. GET YOURS HERE!

And don’t forget, you can still get JANUARY IN ATLANTIS, the first in the new Atlantis series, Poseidon’s Warriors, FREE at all retailers!

(Latest schedule updates, but I don’t promise anything is set in stone at this point: BLINK OF AN EYE coming 5/15 and JUNE IN ATLANTIS coming 6/30. The books are done, but they’re… not good enough yet. Because life hasn’t been funny in a year now, it has been hard to write with humor I’m not feeling. But NEVER FEAR! I’ve pulled them apart and now that I’ve had my first vaccine, with the second coming 4/12, I finally feel some hope that I can get out of the house. I’m feeling funny again! And progress is being made to be sure both books are the excellent stories that you deserve. HALLELUJAH!!!)

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’m sending you my best wishes that you are well and soon we’ll all be healthy and this horrible pandemic will be over.


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