A free book for you!!

As a thank you gift for hanging in there while BLINK OF AN EYE has been delayed, I’m giving you PRIVATE EYE – the second in the Tiger’s Eye Mystery series – free for a limited time!! Get yours now: CLICK HERE!

And DEAD EYE, the first in my Tiger’s Eye Mystery series, is free at all retailers! Go HERE!!

BLINK will be out February 28, without fail! We’re finally in the final editing stage so I can’t get my hands on it again. Thanks for your patience during my severe depression period – this has been a rough few months.

And here’s some puppy pics because I love you! Rosie in her happy place (on my lap of course). And the two of them offering to help me eat popcorn. And the scarf I crocheted for myself when I couldn’t sleep night after night… It’s soft and fuzzy, and sometimes soft and fuzzy is what you really need.

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