At dinner tonight, Navy Guy and Law School Ninja and I discussed the word I invented today: DISEMBOWELABLE.

Me: Penny eviscerated another toy today. We need toys that are not disembowelable.

NG: that’s not a word.

LSN: Technically, according to the principles of English, it should be a word.

NG: The principles of English are so weird and bizarre and nonstandard, you can’t really count on them.

Me: And yet, you knew exactly what I meant. I’m writing to the dictionary people to suggest DISEMBOWELABLE should be THE word of 2021.

LSN: *shakes his head in resignation or possibly despair* Mom. I don’t think it works that way.

Me: Why not? It’s a perfectly good word, especially as pertains to dog toys. It’s not like I’m suggesting DISEMBOWELIFICATION.

LSN: You’re sure you graduated summa cum laude from law school?

Me: Yes! Because I am DISEMBOWELABLE.

Also Me: This may be the most ridiculous conversation we’ve ever had at dinner.

LSN: Nah. Top 20, max.

*Actual Conversation In My House

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