Nook update

EDITED TO ADD: I just found out Nook is charging you for BLINK OF AN EYE, when it doesn’t release until 11/30 and so you’re getting a blank file for $5.99.  WE WILL FIX THIS.  As soon as Nook is back online, we will fix this. I PROMISE you I won’t take your money for nothing, and I am sure B&N feels the same way. Right now the phone lines are down, but stay tuned. I am so very sorry about this but this one is completely out of my control.


Nook says:

.. we just posted the following update to the NOOK Facebook Page: While many NOOK services are accessible, we are still addressing issues with libraries syncing and refreshing, delivering new releases & pre-orders as well as delivering recent Newsstand issues to your library.
This has been a slower and more labored process than we would have liked. NOOK will be back to full operation very soon and we appreciate you standing by us. As teams continue to work on this, we ask that you please continue to refresh your library periodically. If you are missing all or some of your library, please know that this is temporary, and your library will be accessible as soon as these issues are resolved.
Given these issues, our customer service call volume is extremely high, and you may experience long wait times. Click to learn more about refreshing your NOOK library:

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