ACIMH: Grilled cheese edition

Last night at 9 or so I decided I really needed a grilled cheese sandwich.
Me: I really want a grilled cheese sandwich.
Navy Guy: And this is a hint?
Me: Nope. I can make it myself.
NG, jumping up: Nope, I’ll make it. It will just be better.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Served On A Plate

[NOTE: I have a slight history of burning grilled cheese sandwiches. Like, All the grilled cheese sandwiches]
Me: HEY! I didn’t burn one, once.
NG: And it was a proud moment for all of us.
Me: *laughing too hard to punch him*
(he did make a perfectly golden brown grilled cheese sandwich)
Me: Show off.
(this is a generic sandwich pic; I ate mine too fast to take a picture of it)
*Actual Conversation In My House

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