ACIMH, Painting edition

ACIMH* – Painting edition
Me: Oops! I got dressed in these nice clothes and actually put makeup on since we’re venturing out, but I forgot I wanted to put the second coat of paint on my bookcase this morning. Will you do it for me?
Navy Guy: Oh. The “I forgot” excuse. Nice!
Me: Never mind. I’ll do it.
NG: And then you’ll get a migraine from the heat and have to sit all alone in a dark room, and it will be my fault?
Me: Um…
NG: I’ll paint your bookcase, honey.
Me, in the garage: That’s the wrong brush. I used this brush.
NG: *Explains why his brush is better* (he’s right)
Me: Ah, you missed a spot there.
NG: *Gives me The Look*
Me: I’m just supervising!
NG: You’re lucky you’re cute.
*Actual Conversation In My House

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