My daughter does NOT have COVID!!

Thank goodness! It was a very stressful couple of weeks, quarantining and waiting for testing. But my schedule is blown up, so I’m moving the next two books back by a month each. Apple of My Eye will now be out 8/26, and Blink of an Eye will now be out 9/24. Thank you so much for your patience!

And, in #bakingfail news, I figured out why my delish pineapple upside down cake I made last night was a touch dry – opened the microwave this morning to find the 1/2 cup of melted butter!!! Oops! (but it was too heavy/oily before, and only a touch too dry this time, so I’ll change recipe to be 1/4 cup in the future – as I like to tell the kids, any failure can be an opportunity to learn. So there’s the silver (pineapply) lining, LOL)

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