On Valentine’s Day and other greeting-card-driven ‘holidays’

Here’s a thought: we are not going to be defeated by a $5 card.

I’ve spent many, many Valentine’s Days alone. Many. There was also the date where my college boyfriend brought his BONG in a backpack on our date. (this is a device with which to smoke The Marijuana, youngsters). I asked: If there were a fire, which would you rescue first, me or the bong?

He took too long to answer.

But holidays like this seem CUSTOM BUILT to make us feel bad if we’re alone. Who needs it? Sometimes, being alone is wonderful. Sometimes, being alone is a gray veil of sadness over our lives.

We don’t need a damn heart emoji to tell us that.

But we are valued. We are valuable. To ourselves, to our families and friends, to our pets, to the world. Being dateless on a made-up holiday has no power over us.

My daughter told me about Galentine’s Day – she and her girlfriends are getting dressed up and going out to a gaming club to play video games, dance, and have a great time. I think this is a brilliant idea and hope everybody does something like this. Galentine’s Day – Guy-lentine’s Day – Friends-l

entine’s Day.

Or, if you prefer, stay home and eat chocolate and read a book. Or watch a movie. Or play with your pets.

Just remember: you are valued. You are loved. You are amazing.

And greetings card companies can suck it.

Here’s a Happy Book-lentine’s Day picture from the Day family.



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