Happy birthday, my darling boy

My baby boy is 21 today. My firstborn, my oldest, my sweet, sweet boy who has gone from cuddly, curious toddler to serious, science-loving child, to brilliant high school and college student. He cooks for me, he’s my buddy to go see “Action Movies with no Redeeming Social Value,” and he’s the kindest boy I’ve ever known. He loves dogs and lets all of them sleep with him whenever they want. He’s kind to children and polite to his elders. He’s one of the only young men I’ve ever known who still says Yes, Ma’am or No, Sir to his elders. He has a huge heart and one of the finest minds I’ve ever seen.
And today he’s 21. But still, when I look at him, sometimes I see his tiny baby face, smiling up at me.
Happy birthday, to my darling Connor. You were the best Mother’s Day present any mom ever had. And you still are. I love you bigger than the universe.

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