Damon is here! Happy New Year!

Are you ready for a sexy lion shifter and the fire mage who drives him crazy? Oh, and did I mention the parrots?? DAMON’S ENCHANTRESS is coming on NEW YEAR’S EVE!! Preorder links up now for iBooks, Nook, Kindle, and KOBO. Print coming within the week. ON SALE for one week only!

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about 2018 and a Year of Atlantis, but before that, it’s time to enjoy a little magical New Year’s treat with the Cardinal witches!  It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a fire mage with anger issues and a sexy lion shifter FBI agent . . . and did I mention the parrots? Check out the snippet below!

Oh, yeah, and it’s on sale! (If you preordered, you get the sale price!)



PS If anybody wants to take fifty pounds of Christmas cookies off my hands, just let me know! 🙂

Lily caught herself spluttering and shut her mouth. When she opened it again, she’d found just barely enough calm to keep from blasting him and frying every bit of his equipment. “You should take it back to wherever you came from, because you’re not bringing any of it in my house,” she said sweetly.

“Now you’re the one who is sadly mistaken,” Damon said from behind her.

How had he gotten so close? The stupid man moved like a cat.

Damn. She hated cat shifters.

Right. So much for calm.

“One moment,” she told Austin.

“I will blast you to cinders,” she said, turning to face Damon and enunciating very carefully. “I will destroy your equipment, I will burn the fancy suit off your body, and the smell of burning FBI agent will fill the air for at least three blocks.”

A slow, lethally wicked smile spread across his unfairly gorgeous face. “Burn the suit off my body, huh? Lily. If you wanted to get me naked, all you had to do was say so.”

Lily narrowed her eyes, drew on her magic, and beamed a huge, innocent smile at him.

And then she set his shoes on fire.



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