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The Gift of the Magi…in Atlantis

Warrior-turned-pirate Dare is the black sheep of all of Atlantis. He’s enraged Poseidon,

the sea god, so much that he had to forfeit his ship and the water spirit who inhabits it. For Dare, being denied the ocean is worse than death. Until he meets a woman who drowns him in waves of hunger more powerful than the sea.

After the accident that killed her parents and blinded her, Lyric discovered she had a special gift—that of song sight. She now sees the world in her own unique way, and is able to discover the rarest of artifacts. One, containing a single Wish, could make all her dreams come true. Or it could deliver to Dare—the man she’s falling in love with—the thing he most desires.

It’s the season of miracles in Atlantis. A chance to make wishes come true . . .

But whose wish?


Warning: This book contains magic, song sight, Atlantis, Poseidon, the gift of the magi, pirates, a king and queen, sibling rivalry, a black sheep, bad boys, warriors, paranormal romance, fantasy, Christmas decorations, holiday spiked eggnog, smugglers, ancient artifacts, romance, kisses, and a happily ever after. Read at your own risk!


  1. Carol Dodge-Leighton on October 24, 2017 at 8:59 am

    When will it be on NOOK ?

    • Alyssa Day on October 25, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      Bookmark this page & join my newsletter; I’ll post links as soon as NOOK lets me know it’s up.

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