My (awful) sense of direction & simple common sense…

So we’re sitting in the family room, me, Navy Guy, and College Ninja or, as I like to say, ACIMH [Edited T0 Add:  Navy Guy says I have to tell you that ACIMH means Actual Conversation In My House, but I said you know that, but he’s making me do it]:

College Ninja: Mom, can you help me with a homework assignment for my ancient Greece class?

Me: Sure. (thinking writing/Greece/Plato/Atlantis, I got this)

College Ninja: It’s mapping locations in ancient Greece.

Me: *Looks at College Ninja, looks at Navy Guy, looks back at College Ninja* You DO realize that you have a licensed aviator sitting two feet from you? A man who has circumnavigated the globe in his airplane? And then you have me, who once ended up in Arkansas when I was trying to drive to North Carolina.

College Ninja: So, Dad, can you help me with a homework assignment?

Me: Good choice.

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