Jake’s Djinn

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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 03-13-2019
Pages: 29


Meet the family of witches that readers call “the funniest family ever written!”

Jake Cardinal woke up with a massive hangover, an empty whiskey bottle, and a genie sitting on his windowsill. He groped for the glass of water that wasn’t on his bedside table, shoved the whiskey bottle out of his bed, and closed his eyes against the blinding glare of the gorgeous genie in all her purple-haired, pink-sequined glory.

And then he groaned. “Not again.”

When Jake, brilliant scholar and full-fledged member of the crazy Cardinal Witches family, meets the djinn of his dreams, at first he doesn’t even realize it. But after she punches him in the face, helps him survive the birth of his niece, and confides the deeply guarded secret of her true name, will Jake be the one to grant Donya’s wish?

A delightful short story in the world of the Cardinal Witches.

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