Damon’s Enchantress

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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 12-31-2017
Pages: 105


What happens when an arrogant lion shifter FBI agent falls for a witch who just happens to be a fire mage? Mayhem, madness, and sparkling romance!

When lion shifter and FBI Paranormal Ops Division agent Damon Jones gets sent to Garden City, Ohio, to investigate a garden witch family’s ties to an international drug smuggler, he’s not happy about it. After all, garden witches are fragile and delicate, and he’s more of the lion in the china shop type.

But then he meets fire mage Lily Cardinal, and from the first moment her parrots tell him to “Get to the Chopper” he knows his life will never be the same…

Lily Cardinal is done with interesting men. The last one she dated turned out to be an infamous criminal with control-freak, sociopathic tendencies. She had to set his house on fire — literally — to escape.

Now deliciously sexy and Very Special Agent Damon Jones is moving into her house, and she can’t do anything to stop him. The problem is…she’s not sure she even wants to try.

WARNING: This book contains garden witches, magic, shapeshifters, lions, parrots, Arnold Schwarzenegger movie references, a shameless case of Roadhousing, the most hilarious family ever created with a pen, or Word Program, or whatever, #3 on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, Granny, a fire mage with impulse control issues, a nice boy, bad boys, a terror spell, kissing, laughter, mystery, magic, pizza the size of a submarine porthole, and hot, spicy romance.


She froze. “You’re not really with the FBI at all, are you? You’re some kind of weird Candid Camera comedian who’s here to drive me insane so you can steal my…my…”

She had to stop and think of anything she had worth stealing, other than her birds, who would disappear if anybody tried to lay hands on them. Solitude? Peace of mind? Virtue?

Yes, please, steal my virtue, her crazy side whispered.

No, no, no, her sane side shouted.

“Your?” His lips were twitching, and she could tell he was fighting not to laugh at her. Not that she blamed him, because she sounded ridiculous.

“We’re doomed,” she told him, instead. “Doomed.”

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