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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 07-01-2014
Pages: 106


A collection of paranormal romance short stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Alyssa Day.

I published my first book, Email to the Front, in 2003 and never looked back to my old career in law. I absolutely love creating stories, and I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to do this for a living.

Over the course of the past decade or so, interspersed between the chaos of raising two kids with a Navy husband who’s gone a lot, adopting and caring for lots of foster and rescue dogs, juggling five household moves (once to Japan!) and writing twenty-four published books, I’ve written a handful of paranormal romance short stories. Some are funny, some are poignant; some appeared in collections, some didn’t, but all of them are fun little story bites that I thought I’d finally share. I hope Random brings you a smile over your lunch hour or coffee break.

The Princess and the Peas – a haughty Fae high lord gets more than he bargains for, and a princess’s vastly overworked servant girl discovers the world.

Persephone’s Granddaughter – Penelope wanted out of Ohio, but never expected to end up in Hades–on her birthday–meeting her grandmother, who just happens to co-rule the Underworld.

Suzi Stiletto: Recovering Demon Slayer – It’s heck out there for a demon slayer who just got kicked out of the Slayer Union; especially when a thousands-of-years-old demon decides he’s in love with her.

Suzi Stiletto and the Giblet of Fire – Her best friend is a cricket, a massively hunky demon is getting her hot and bothered in the worst way, and a herd of vampire Chihuahuas is on the loose. A demon slayer just can’t catch a break.

Last Dance – A woman falls in love with the island werewolf at the beginning of World War II and finds that some loves can transcend time and worlds.

“Alyssa Day did a great job I would recommend this book to everyone for a summer read.”
–Reader review from Ruth A. Anderson


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a princess in a tiny kingdom known as Elvania. The kingdom’s exact location is long lost in the mists of time; some say it became part of France, while others claim it for Switzerland. The Swiss claim has more merit, perhaps, as the precedent of impartial and wintry-cold neutrality has sometimes been a guiding tenet of that people. All agree that the princess claimed a lovely view of the waters of what is now called Lake Geneva from her turret bedroom.

Not that she cared much for views. Or lakes. Or anything at all, in fact, other than her single-minded, unswerving quest for the perfect husband.

This isn’t her story.