Nice Girls Finish First


Kirby didn’t get to be vice president of marketing by being nice. When she fires her entire staff, her new boss is unimpressed. Wanting to prove a point, he issues a bet: If Kirby can get someone—anyone—to call her nice, she can take that long-awaited dream vacation to Italy. If she can’t, she can kiss the Colosseum goodbye. Oh, and her job, too.

Now Kirby has exactly thirty days to bully someone into saying she’s nice—and to show her boss who’s boss. If she doesn’t fall hard for him, first…

Kirby’s assistant—and aspiring opera singer—Brianna has the opposite problem. She’s so nice she’s in danger of fading into the woodwork. Can Brianna teach Kirby a lesson on nice while learning to be the diva she’s always dreamed of being?

NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST is an irrepressibly hilarious novel about learning how to be yourself—even if it kills you.


NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST will have you laughing out loud with the events that occur in the lives of these characters. It was hard to put this book down, even when it was getting late into the night… This book absolutely has it all! I totally love NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST. It’s a chick-lit novel with romantic elements expertly weaved in. Author Alesia Holliday has a fabulous writing voice, and there’s no doubt I’ll be snatching up anything with her name on it.
Romance Junkies 5 Star review

NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST is a hoot! This book is funny, entertaining, and heartwarming — a well-written, fast-paced story all wrapped inside one little bookcover. . . NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST is a top-notch story for a summer beach read, and one not to be missed.
—Romance Reviews Today


“With a clever, laugh-out-loud sense of humor and unique writing style, Alesia Holliday is a supreme new talent to keep an eye on.”

“Alesia Holliday has my vote for Chick-Lit Queen of the year.”
–Affaire de Coeur

“Alesia Holliday is a wonderful voice in contemporary romance, with fresh and vibrant characters.”
—Jennifer Russell-Hill, Roundtable Reviews


Posso presentarmi? (May I introduce myself?)

It’s hard to meet nice guys when you sell sex toys for a living. Not that I actually sell them personally. I mean, I work for a company that sells them. I’m a vice president, even. But, still, guys are intimidated by this. They think I’m secretly comparing them to our product line: Well, he’s got better girth than the Alexander the Great model, but nothing beats the StudMuffin SuperTurbo for sheer staying power.

Like I’d compare an actual guy to something that takes four Triple A batteries to operate.

Still, if they can get beyond the comparison problem, there’s the Mother Factor. In other words, am I somebody they’d take home to meet their mother? So far, it’s never happened.

Not even once.

It’s not so much that I’d want to meet some guy’s mother. I’m not sitting around wistfully perusing the pages of Bride magazine and taping episodes of A Wedding Story on TLC, then daydreaming about the Kirby Green and Insert-Groom’s-Name-Here wedding. I’m not interested in being stuffed into some man’s definition of what a wife should be. I know all about the wife-as-doormat transformation. Hell, I grew up with doormat.

Still, it would be nice to be asked. Not to get married. Just home to somebody’s Mom’s for Sunday dinner.

Even once.