May in Atlantis

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Published by: Holliday Publishing
Release Date: 09-30-2019
Pages: 56


Poet-turned-warrior Gabriel has sworn a blood oath to kill every Fae he encounters, after one of the worst of the Dark Fae lords killed his brother while Gabe was frivolously wasting his time reading poetry to adoring fans. When the battle-scarred woman tumbles out of the demon dimension into Atlantis, he’s inexplicably drawn to her … until he learns she’s a Fae princess

.Erielle barely escaped the Summerlands with her life when one of the High Lords set his sights on making her his captive. After a dangerous year that felt like eternity trapped in the demon dimension, she’s finally managed to find her way home–except the demon she forced to enter the portal deceived her, and she landed in the middle of Atlantis … in the reach of a beautiful but feral warrior who immediately tries to kill her. When Erielle learns that her little brother followed her into the demon dimension and may be a prisoner of the very Fae lord who she has sworn to kill, she knows she must return. When Gabe discovers that the villain who tortured and nearly enslaved Erielle is the same one who killed his brother, he knows he must go with her.

Atlantean and Fae, teaming up to face the demon realm. Will they learn to work together? Can such fierce hatred ever turn to something far different, possibly even to love? Can they even survive? Find out … in MAY IN ATLANTIS!

Warning: This book includes Atlantean warriors, Fae princesses, dark lords, a castle, the demon dimension, a dragon shifter, an ambassador, a wizard, a little brother, poetry, kissing, magic, and true love. Read at your own risk!

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