Santa Baby

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Release Date: 11-29-2016
Pages: 155
ISBN13: 978-0985878078

Sometimes you just have to say “Deck the freaking halls.” At least, that’s how Leah feels about Christmas. She has a holiday tradition: she gets dumped at Christmas. Always and only at Christmas. With only 12 days till the fateful day, she’s glad she’s alone. The only thing she has to worry about is a horrible boss. And a dead-end career. And clients who drive her insane.

But sexy photojournalist Luke has other ideas; he wants to make Leah’s Christmas dreams come true. And he only has twelve days to begin a romance that will endure until the last bell has been jingled.

Love, laughter, and a little touch of revenge–that’s all a girl really needs in her Christmas stocking.


“Delightful to read, alternating between comical and emotionally moving.”
—RT BookClub

“A delightful tale [that] will have you laughing and crying.”
—Joyce Koehl, Romance Reviews Today

“Fun and hilarious.”
— A Romance Review

“Fast-paced, fun, and good-humored, this story leaves the reader with a smile on the face and one on the heart as well.”
—Romance Reader at Heart

“Funny, poignant and delightful.”
—BookLoons Columns


“With a clever, laugh-out-loud sense of humor and unique writing style, Alesia Holliday is a supreme new talent to keep an eye on.”

“Alesia Holliday has my vote for Chick-Lit Queen of the year.”
–Affaire de Coeur


I felt heat shooting to my cheeks this time. Luke still stood as if frozen in place, and then he slowly brought his finger to his mouth and pressed it against his own lips, as if he were tasting my mouth with his own. The sensuality of it sparked the heat racing down to an area approximately in the center of my new silk panties.

Gotta go, gotta go, my rational side said.

Wanna come, wanna come, the rest of me said.

I stuffed Luke’s card in my bag and took off, almost running, down the sidewalk. I definitely didn’t have time to get flustered over a case of the lusts for some guy who was only in town for two weeks.

What could it hurt, though, really? my rational side said.

“Traitor,” I muttered, as I shoved my way through the crowds and considered my worthless lunch hour. I hadn’t bought any presents, and now I was going to be late for the afternoon staff meeting.

Deck the freakin’ halls.