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Me with my editor Cindy Hwang at the RITA award ceremony in Reno - I was a double finalist!
Music Video
Shooting the music video in the ocean in St. Augustine.
Filming High Prince Conlan during the music video shoot.
Mt. Fuji
Hey, that's Mt. Fuji!
Music Video
Sometimes my job really IS that glamorous!!  Me and my warriors & Prince Conlan and Princess Riley
Genre Jumpers workshop at D.C. RWA national conference with Eileen Rendahl, Barbara Ferrer, and Cindy Holby

We're glowing - it must be sharing good news in the bar!  My great friend Lori Antonson.

Should I get the tattoo?  Hmmm . . .

Barbara Ferrer, Berkley associate editor Leis Pederson, and me at dinner & Broadway bound!

Me with Marianne Mancusi at RT in Orlando!

My first stand-alone display!
(yes, I'm a dork.  LOL)

It's the RT convention, what can I say? LOL!  Barbara Ferrer, Serena Robar & Marianne Mancusi slaying some vampires

With Jennifer St. Giles in Atlanta -
Moonlight & Magnolias conference

My new author portrait as drawn by my daughter

RITA buddy Dianna Love!

Daisy is not impressed by my RITA award.

RITA is secretly an Ohio State Buckeye? Go Bucks!

Me with my first fiction editor, Kate Seaver, at the RITA awards

Signing books at the RWA national conference.

Me with fab critique partner Michelle Cunnah the night I won my RITA!