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William's Witch -- Alyssa Day

William's Witch

William’s Witch: the second installment of a funny, sexy new paranormal romance series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Alyssa Day.

What happens when a centuries-old vampire who's allergic to magic falls for a very modern witch? Mayhem, madness, and romance! 

[Author's note: this novelette – 14,000 words -- was originally published in the Taming the Vampire anthology, so if you have that one, you already have this and shouldn’t buy it twice. Thanks!]

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Excerpt from Halloween in Atlantis, Halloween, 2016 (copyright Alesia Holliday):

William Pemberley woke up with a blazing hangover and realized that, yet again, he didn’t know where or when he was. 

The where was a fairly common occurrence and had been for at least the past few decades, so it didn’t bother him all that much, but the when was a relatively new development, and he didn’t like it at all.

He shot up through six feet of soil into the moonlit quiet of a church graveyard, landing in the middle of a standoff between a couple of knife-wielding thugs and a woman wearing a lopsided pair of plastic wings. 

“A tuxedo? Really?” the woman drawled in a rich, sultry voice that made him think of aged whiskey and dark chocolate. She looked William up and down and curled her lip. “Isn’t that a little old school?”

William glanced down at himself, mildly surprised to find that he was, indeed, wearing a tuxedo. He grinned at the butterfly. “Apparently, I had a very good time. What year is this?”

She snorted in a very unfeminine way that, oddly enough, turned him on a little. “2016. Vampires are out, shifters are in, hashtag it’s a new world, baby.”


What they're saying about the Cardinal Witches: 

"the most hilarious family ever created with a pen, or Word Program, or whatever." - Amazon reader review

"It was hilarious. I was laughing out loud because I couldn't help myself. This is the first time I have read this author, but it will definitely not be the last." - Roqui, Amazon reader review

"I "always" enjoy any book written by Alyssa Day and am "never" disappointed! This novella about Rose and Alejandro was fast paced, intense and jam packed with humor!!" -- Signi Siemens, Amazon reviewer